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The Development of metal companies in 2009
                             Author:賽斯達                            2009-6-5

Financial crisis in 2009, the hardware industry as the basis for the industry is faced with the same opportunities and crises, hardware sales, hardware development, as well as the regional market will show how the hardware development of a trend?
According to industry forecasts that in the hardware manufacturing industry-wide efforts, by 2010, China's hardware manufacturing levels will be markedly improved, some enterprises are expected to reach the international advanced level; By 2020, China's hardware manufacturing industry will reach the international advanced level in the overall . Therefore, the metal products industry has great potential, the market prospect is broad.
In 2009, hardware is the new trend of regional departments to foster industrial clusters, the formation of regional development. Industrial cluster in the location of the users at home and abroad, dealers, suppliers are brought together here, all kinds of up-to-date market information, product information and technical information is also in this pool, which will be the source of innovation. Clusters within a variety of information exchanges become more frequent, the industry the opportunity to further ideological collision. In addition, competition within the cluster, as well as personnel exchanges between the enterprises has made enterprises more strongly desire to learn, but also to reduce the cost of the study, and more prone to learning effect.
New trends in decorative hardware is decorative, intelligent. In recent years, due to changes in aesthetics, as well as the high standard of home decoration, decorative hardware to also put forward higher requirements: beautiful appearance, outstanding personality, more a reflection of the characteristics of the times and the mentality of modern people; feel comfortable through the reflect the exquisite sensitivity and ingenious products, as well as technology products, the United States, or even to become a display of works of art; installation simple, customers can install the simple instructions to play their own, sometimes even without tools, as long as the touch of a finger, a Twist, a switch, the installation of wave of success; easy to use, stable and reliable connection action, use with a sense of security. Trends in decorative hardware is quietly changing. Some will be quick screw hinge connecting structure changed quick, "hit it off"; Another example of the panel and the drawer beside the plate connect using fast-mounted connector, the same "wave removable", and thus time-consuming and laborious to assemble furniture work of architecture in a building block into a game, save time and labor to reach the ideal state; and two hinge edge, can come to a halt, closing the last taking effect only when the spring to avoid the rolling finger pain from happening, people closer to the use of habit. Some of the products received by the market on the election material to the entire copper or stainless steel, nylon material for processing to the surface to take chromium plating, Ti, nickel, zirconium-plated and decorative paint method.
Metal products in 2009 will focus on intelligence, taking home the elderly, children and persons with disabilities in the use of pools or wash their hands when cooking there should be no use of obstacles, so the table for these people highly adjustable hardware accessories will be popular. In addition, a number of intelligence products will also be popular, such as voice can be used to remote control of the furniture hardware, this product can make use of the voice of customs doors.
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