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Lithium batteries
                             Author:賽斯達                            2009-6-5


By the financial crisis, Europe, America and Japan, such as damage to the automobile industry giants. To be reborn, car prices on the one hand, cut through layoffs, sale of assets, such as Brokeback to survive on the one hand, sparing no effort in the development of new energy vehicle to pull the downturn, China's production of 2012 new cars is 10% energy saving and new energy automobiles the goal is clear. The development of new energy vehicles have been referred to an unprecedented level States as a core component of the motive power was even more optimistic about the enterprises and investors, stock prices are often inconsistent with the "electric" rising.

However, analysts pointed out that although the driving force for the development prospects of a better battery, but the new energy vehicle development still in its infancy, yet the real industrialization of time, a limited contribution to the current performance. Moreover, the motive power business to really become bigger and stronger, but also to withstand large-scale industry, large-scale R & D investment and foreign giant squeeze test.

The birth of a huge market policies

Reserves by the oil resources and environmental pressures, in recent years, countries in the world are endeavoring to develop new energy automobiles. Optimistic about the U.S. Highway Administration predicts that by 2015, the U.S. auto market, about 20% of the number of motor vehicles for the hybrid vehicle, the market size of up to nearly three million. At present, the U.S. hybrid vehicle market share of only 3%. At the same time its forecast that by 2020, the global auto market will have half of new vehicle sales to a different degree of hybrid technology.

Compared with traditional vehicles, China's new energy vehicle development at the forefront, did not lose at the starting line. The field of fuel cell vehicles in China, senior expert, Ministry of Science and Technology Wan Gang, Minister of the new energy vehicle development goals are: by 2012, 10% of domestic new car production is energy-saving and new energy vehicles, according to an annual output of cars will be motor vehicles for 1000 10,000 count, China's new energy vehicle to achieve an annual output of the size of one million. This strong domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers in the domestic development of new energy vehicles is determined.

In order to encourage new energy vehicle development, the relevant measures of China's continuous improvement, financial subsidy policies were introduced. Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology has decided, in Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing cities in 13 energy-saving and new energy vehicle to promote a pilot demonstration to fiscal policy to encourage public transportation, rental, service, sanitation and postal and other public services to promote the use of the first energy-saving and new energy vehicles, to promote the use of units of energy-saving and new energy vehicle grant basis. Among them, the central finance for the purchase of energy-saving focus of the new car to give a one-time fixed energy subsidies, the focus of local finance the construction of related facilities and the maintenance grant.

Specifically, the passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, the fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle in accordance with the rate of subsidy standard is divided into five files, the maximum subsidy per vehicle per 50,000 yuan; pure electric vehicles can be subsidized for each 60,000 yuan; fuel cell vehicles subsidies for 250,000 yuan each. More than 10 meters and another urban bus standards, including the use of hybrid vehicles into the use of lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries, two types of lithium-ion battery, the maximum amount of subsidy were 8 yuan / vehicles and 42 yuan / vehicle; pure subsidies for electric vehicles standard 50 yuan / vehicle; fuel cell vehicles the highest standards of subsidy of 60 yuan / vehicles.

CITIC Securities reported that the above-mentioned policy of subsidies for new energy vehicles larger effort, the basic coverage of a new car with the same level of energy with the difference between the performance of vehicles. Great efforts reflecting the state subsidies to support the development of new energy automotive industry's determination and efforts, but also give local governments the previous procurement of new energy vehicles concerns.

Huge market space and strong policy support, the birth of the new energy automotive related parts and components industry, and as a key driving force for the battery technology naturally become the focus of domestic enterprises to invest the object.

Lithium batteries is the development direction of

China Merchants Securities report points out that battery technology is the hybrid electric vehicle development: hybrid electric vehicle is the best product of the transition, but the pure power battery cars are the future core technologies of a breakthrough in battery technology. Hybrid batteries currently use nickel-metal hydride materials, however, nickel-metal hydride battery technology, some important indicators have been close to theoretical limits. If the lithium battery technology in the solution to its stability, security and the issue of production costs to achieve a breakthrough, the net driving force for the development of cell vehicles will be accelerated.

Professional analysis, the current hybrid vehicles mainly nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries in two forms. Ni-MH battery as a result of a number of technical performance are close to theoretical limits, such as energy density, the speed of charging and discharging, it is not considered the future direction of development. Relatively speaking, lithium batteries with high safety, high stability, environmental protection, the advantages of cheap, get the car manufacturers and battery manufacturers recognized, but there is stability, security and issues such as production costs.

For lithium batteries, Li Chunbo analyst at CITIC Securities, the lithium battery cathode materials based on different, can be divided into the phosphate lithium cobalt, manganese lithium phosphate, lithium iron phosphate three. Lithium cobalt phosphate due to the high price of cobalt has been abandoned; phosphate lithium manganese lithium iron phosphate as compared to that in regard to safety and service life is not high; in the foreseeable future, lithium iron phosphate lithium battery will become the main cathode material. GM's Volt and BYD F3DM use of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Has been compared to the application of hybrid technology, plug-electric hybrid technology to make hybrid vehicles have better performance and ease of use. General Motors to develop the Chevrolet Volt on the use of the technology.

Electrolyte in the battery, the Li Chunbo, the electrolyte composition of the three areas, mainly solute lithium hexafluorophosphate is the main commercial application of electrolyte. Its main foreign suppliers, such as Germany and Japan Merck Company Stella companies, and better quality. However, there are also golden-Tech Co., Ltd., Tianjin Chemical Engineering Design and Research Institute, Shandong city of Xingtai chemical fertilizer can be produced and other enterprises.

Gold resource that pays top academics Is Hard to Find

New energy sources to develop vehicles, motive power to open the domestic market space. CITIC Securities is estimated that in 2011 such as the 600,000 vehicles the size of new energy sources estimated that nearly three years of domestic new car production scale energy compound growth rate will exceed 200%. 100kg vehicle battery to use the average number of calculation, the battery market in 2011 will reach 600 million tons. And Wan Gang, Minister of the new energy vehicle development goals by 2012 for 10% of domestic new car production is energy-saving and new energy vehicles, then the size of the battery market demand will reach 1000 million tons.

The face of such tempting cakes, listed companies which have invested, I would like to win a share of. Such as main-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Guotai Huarong New Chemical Materials Guotai Co., Ltd. The main production of lithium battery electrolyte and the silane coupling agent, lithium battery electrolyte domestic market share of over 30%; In addition, the CITIC Guoan,杉杉股份companies such as lithium batteries with結緣. In addition to lithium batteries, the Division is committed to far edge nickel-hydrogen batteries and nickel-based raw materials nickel battery production, the company raised funds for the investment holding company subsidiary of the construction of Section Pa nickel hydrogen battery production line of the energy package. Ni-MH battery is used in the majority of hybrid battery technology. Tongji Science and Technology, Fosun medicine, such as Shanghai Automotive is engaged in the development of fuel cells.

The contribution to the performance of battery power, China Merchants Securities said that the promotion of the early hybrid, battery-related business profits will be appropriate. Due to hybrid vehicles is the best transition to products, new energy in the early development of the automotive industry to obtain greater market share, its core technology is the energy conversion system, the battery unit to only one non-critical parts, the initial marketing, because vehicles do not have large-scale enterprises, the relevant battery manufacturing enterprises in the promotion period will receive appropriate profits. At present, however, domestic listed companies in the automotive battery business of the company's profit contribution is still small.

Compared with foreign countries, China's battery manufacturers currently small scale, the strength is not strong. In order to expedite the development of high-performance, low-cost vehicle motive power batteries, major foreign car manufacturers have taken in cooperation with battery manufacturers to develop a way to set off a car for International Development of the wave power batteries. Among them, General Motors at the same time lithium batteries with the international well-known giant A123, Compact Power, Cobasys and Saft four companies occupy the leading position in lithium-ion battery technology is very obvious intention.

Big power battery-based industries and to ensure that vehicle safety considerations, the Ministry of Finance explicitly requested in subsidies, automobile manufacturers and key components such as power battery production enterprises must have a certain scale of production capacity. In order to reach the scale of the motive power business in China still have a long way to go.

Power battery's current investment in research and development of small enterprises. Galaxy Securities analyst Li pointed out that relative to cars, large and medium-sized passenger cars on the weight of the battery, do not ask for much volume, coupled with the speed of traffic do not ask for much, is to develop energy conservation and new energy fields of the best models. In addition, major cities have public transportation systems in the process of upgrading, urban image-building and for implementing the central fuel-efficient energy-saving policy, the procurement price is relatively high concentration of energy-saving and new energy sources, the possibility of a larger bus. At present, the use of new energy bus power systems are the core components of external purchases, the core components are not many independent research and development. Therefore, relatively speaking, is not related to the enormous investment in research and development.
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