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The Development of metal companies
                             Author:賽斯達                            2009-6-5


  "Metal companies how to survive?" Have a look at one of the orders were ahead, looking behind the shelves piled full, in the metals industry for decades to do the export business of the Pharaohs, real economic crisis Hardware industry a heavy blow.
"In the face of China's huge market, a large number of hardware companies at risk experienced by the 'export to domestic sales' difficult transformation." Hardware in the recent scientific and technological innovation, organized the meeting, the northern Tianjin City Hardware Electrical Co., Ltd. Mr. CHAN Ying-face grave to tell reporter. On the one hand, China's high-end brand has been firmly in control of foreign manufacturers, on the other hand, a large number of small workshop-style metal processing plants, by virtue of low price mastered the low-end market in order to set foot on this "home to live the way" of numerous Electrical Hardware business more difficult to take.
"Export" hard to find a way out
"90% of the company for export orders," the meeting, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, a hardware manufacturer person in charge told reporters, recalled the beginning of the year of the popular business, he is still the face of joy, "the quality of our company well, and foreign customers, many have maintained very good relations of cooperation, albeit OEM, but the market, and a large volume of orders, orders are usually come one after another. "
Also led to strong demand for metal products throughout the whole industry chain, product prices. Statistics show that prices of metal products rose during the first half of more than 30% at the same time, the average price of steel raw materials in early March has reached 5570 yuan, increase by 40%, once a breakthrough in August 6000, while copper prices have reached historical a new high.
"The market coupled with good prices, all the passion that time high, despite high raw material prices, but there are still many enterprises have bought a lot of stepping up production of raw materials." The official told reporters.
Winter swept the world overnight, quickly to be caught unprepared. With the closure of a large number of companies are relying on food exports suddenly wake up the hardware business, "The good days are gone." "Getting started is to reduce the volume of orders, and later signed before there are many good orders to be 'disposable single'." a reluctance to reveal his name, told reporters the industry, "not only raised the price of the first half of the rapid decline in the in situ, and even down to 10%"
From the U.S. Department of Commerce report showed that U.S. retail sales have declined for five consecutive months, in November with direct user-metal automotive industry, sales fell 2.8 percent, and hardware store sales fell 1.2%.
"The market price is so low, dealers basically only 5% of profits for producers, faced with a large inventory and production cost is only a loss to buy one, and more productive the more sad days." The frankly the industry, told reporters, "Many manufacturers膽子小, and dare not take a lot of orders, for fear of them have to spend doing things out of raw materials, the buyer can not pay the money again."
"Recover lost ground" is not an easy task
This time, has been exported since the focus of many mechanical and electrical hardware manufacturers began to look back to the domestic market. At the same time, some foreign brands have begun to have entered the Chinese market. "China's market is relatively stable. In addition, a number of national macro-control measures introduced, more market potential, many manufacturers have also become the focus of the next battle." China High Speed Rail Association of Health to speak at the meeting pointed out. It is understood that in order to cope with the economic crisis, following the introduction of four trillion national investment plan to expand domestic demand, the recent central economic meeting, and again made clear the "capital growth and promote development" for next year's work.
"For the past only focused only on the export of mechanical and electrical companies in terms of hardware, turned a lot of the domestic market is facing a severe test." Laizhou City, Shandong Province, from the settlement of five Ltd. Wang Bo He said the chairman of the board. He told reporters, on the one hand, metals are mostly export-oriented enterprises are OEM, did not form their own brands, on the other hand, for a long time for foreign markets, but also the flow of business from production to the formation of a set of intrinsic mode The products are mainly for foreign markets, inadequate grasp of the Chinese market.
"On the current domestic market, several foreign brands has been a firm control of the high-end market, at the same time, small workshop-type businesses rely on the 'poor-quality low-cost' in a very high share of low-end market. And such exports to enterprise, neither brand recognition and foreign companies compete for high-end market, and small workshop can not enterprises' go price ', this time wish to enter the China market, these export-oriented enterprise hardware very difficult. "he added.
"Lack of good circulation has also become a platform company is currently developing a bottleneck in the Chinese market." Baita Industrial Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., general manager of Xu Kai frankly to reporters, the traditional sales model is by dealer agents, and such model dealers advantages despite its development, but relatively low overall quality, management became more backward, more immediate importance, the market risk of a lack of resistance, do not attach importance to brand development, the economic strength of the weak. In this round of economic crisis, some dealers may face the test of life and death. "Many manufacturers tend to over-rely on its dealer network, once the first problem dealers, manufacturers rapidly lost market easily." Xu said with worry.
On the other hand, manufacturers have also decided to sell the current model of the China National Metals and Electrical and professional market. Reporters in an interview that in order to operate the main distributors for the business premises of the simplified form of the China National Metals and highly professional market characteristics "boss economy" model, the market brand, size, growth rate facing the "ceiling" effect, it is difficult to real modern, brand based on a large circulation, the distribution business.
Hard skills are the key
"Poor, you should change the pass, General of" a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises in China stood at the same time, the industry will also face more intense competition, "From the beginning of October we have problems after the operation, how to survive the most critical issues . "Shanghai Dongsheng Welding Group President Hu Ping told reporters," and the survival and development of the real most important thing is to brand and quality. cite a simple example, a pliers, foreign brands can buy a few hundred dollars, and some enterprises in China produced only a few dollars. the same manufacturers and goods, simply because the brand can be the difference between the price a thousand miles. "
"The fear must be a driving force, and the economic crisis to deal with this alone is not enough of an enterprise, we must work together to form a common response." CHAN Ying told the reporter, first of all, businesses must re-integration of the domestic market, according to market demand, R & D or focus on the production of marketable products. In particular, as China gradually put in place to invest 4 trillion, related roads, railways, airports and other construction machinery and electronic products used in metal; Secondly, to enhance product quality and increase added value, relying on the past, "OEM" production process of the accumulation of advanced technology, to create their own brands; Finally, to improve circulation and promote the depth of the Joint Trade and Industry, through the construction of mechanical and electrical hardware of the "National United States" to work together to create business advantages, for example, a number of the flow of platform structures, the development of flagship stores and boutiques the establishment of web-based platform, such as model development, and better cost savings and business efficiency.
"As one of the flow of the platform, the first manufacturer to become a platform to enhance the brand." New South Road, Jia Yong, general manager of Hardware City, told reporters, in addition to enhanced services and to build flagship store quality program, the Group will be established as soon as possible so the world of network hardware professional web-based information platform, and the strengthening of logistics and distribution areas. He also suggested that nearly 200 more than the horizontal flow of the market to strengthen the joint, excellent hardware market to form an alliance for brand enterprises to enter the market to open up access to the best channel.
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